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10 Май Новости компании

 The questions of Moscow Ski&Board Salon reporter are answered by Kirill Obukhov, marketing director of the Russian division of Fischer GmbH. 

- What novelties will be there for the visitors of Moscow Ski&Board Salon 2012 at Fischer stand?

- For years now, before the start of the winter season, we showcase the novelties of the downhill and cross-country skis, ski boots, skiwear, and ski waxes. The main value of this fair for us is the opportunity to contact the end consumer and to show what is going to be on sale in the sports stores in the oncoming season. It is also an opportunity to get the consumers’ feedback, to visit with them in a friendly environment and share our product information first-hand. As far as novelties go, our collections are renewed on a yearly basis; we expand the lines and come up with new models and designs.

- How useful do you think sports events are in promoting your brand with the end consumers?

- For the companies that deal in sports product and have limited advertising budgets, sponsoring and supporting the relevant sports events, of course, goes a long way to help raise the brand awareness. This brings you in contact with your target audience - the consumers of the sportswear and equipment at a relatively inexpensive cost. Children’s contests are especially attractive in these terms due to the fact that, besides the young athletes themselves, their parents are inevitably there. Which goes a long way to increase your audience!

- How effective do you think is the marketing that consists in sponsoring pro-riders or a team of athletes?

- Well, this depends on the quality of performance of those pro-riders and athletes. Any athlete that gets sponsorship from a brand is expected to bring his return on investment. If this is not the case, then the relationship sportsman-sponsor needs to be revised or end altogether. In any case, a big team is not a goal in itself for us.

Speaking of downhill skis, the Fischer equipment next season is going to sponsor such well-recognized leaders of the world’s sports as Ivica Kostelić, Jean-Baptiste Grange, Reinhardt Herst, Alexander Khoroshilov. They’ve got contracts with Fischer Sports GmbH and I hope they will make their records in the glorious history of our brand.

The objective of the Russian representative office of Fischer is preparing of the new generation of athletes. Our relationship with the local athletes and pro-riders are formed on an extremely pragmatic basis. We are quite willing to support athletes on the condition that they will do things to promote our brand in Russia. This is why we are support athletes with discretion – we are only interested in the winning and progressing ones.

- Fischer and Moscow Ski&Board Salon – the past, the present, and the future. What would you like to add or alter in the exhibition of “extreme” goods and services?

- For me as a representative of a sport goods company it is quite a saddening sight that the fair is becoming more and more “tourist-oriented” each year. We see ever fewer manufacturers of sports goods, sportswear, and sports equipment. On the one side, one cannot blame the organizers that need to fill the empty spaces and take in the exhibitors that do not quite fit the profile of the fair. On the other side, maybe, they should come up with special conditions for the sports companies and thus attract them to exhibit.