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02 Фев Новости индустрии

In the Ski Center Golden Valley (www.zoldol.ru) – 120 km from St. Petersburg in Russia, on 16-19 of January 2012 held annual international tests snowmaking equipment – Ski-Resort Consult Ltd.

At the invitation of the organizer we have took part in the Tests, exposing our two snow guns: SN 600 ECO and SN 900 MA. In this year’s competition was attended by six manufacturers in snowmaking. The test ran from 17th (1 pm.) till 18th of Jan (12 am.), and criteria for evaluating the tests were taken in two categories – quantity and quality of produced snow. Conditions were not the best these days: temperature from -2°C to -4°C, with humidity over 90%.

Despite this, both our snow guns fared well and won in both categories:

  • SN 600 ECO 1st in terms of quality of snow
  • SN 900 MA 1st in term of quantity of snow – volume: 348 m³ of surface area: 574 m²

Congratulations !

This is another success in the development of our company, which we share with you. This is confirmed by the fact that our engineers and technologists constantly working on improvement and implementation of newer and newer technologies, to our snow was the best! We are very proud of that our snow guns are stating that they are better than others in its class and the quality of manufactured snow is second to none. We believe that this is not the end of our possibilities, and our visit to Russia confirm our mission – our goals steam from the love of snow.


Представительство в России:

Компания Ратрак Сервис - задач много, компания - одна!

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Сервисный центр компании занимаеться ремонтом и востановлением снегоуплотнительных машин любых производителей.
Ратрак Сервис поставляет оригинальные запчасти на все модели ратраков, а также оригинальные запчасти на любые подъемники. Все основные запчасти и расходники в наличии на складе.
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