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02 Июл Новости индустрии

In this issue, the situation in today’s expo business is commented upon by the president of the company “Red Fox” Vlad Moroz (July 11-16, the team of Moscow Ski&Board Salon will take part in Outdoor Show in  Friedrichshafen, Germany. We will be available at Red Fox stand В-3 № 404).

- What do you think are the benefits of outdoor trade shows for the manufacturers, as well as for the outdoor community?
- The very idea of such events has to do with the active and healthy lifestyle among the people from all walks of life. And this is why it really makes a positive difference in the sports and social life of our country. The outdoor shows are a great tool that provides connection of the trade specialists and the end consumers; they unite under one roof all the members of the sports community: the outdoor industry specialists, the specialized media, and simply those that re into outdoor sports.Thus they provide their visitors with the opportunity to be exposed to the current trends of the sports fashion, the last technological developments in the outdoor area, and get first-hand the information on the performance properties of the product and get direct advice from the qualified experts, as well as exchange the news of the outdoor world with the recognized sportsmen. The organization of trade shows that feature the best samples of the outdoor product from the domestic and foreign manufacturers and where new technologies are presented is a great stimulus for attracting larger crowds of Russians to sports activities and active leisure. It is also worth mentioning that Moscow Ski&Board Salon in this sense is becoming year by year more and more important for the development of the outdoor industry and popularization of mass sports in this country.

- What is most important for you in Moscow Ski&Board Salon - the opportunity to showcase your new lines, take part in the business program, in the press conferences?
- Moscow Ski&Board Salon is the professional venue that gathers all the players of the outdoor market. It is here that the companies get the opportunity to integrate themselves into the world’s outdoor industry. This is why, from the exhibitors’ standpoint, such forums help, first of all, to showcase their offers to the wide circle of trade specialists, raise their brand awareness with the potential customers, enlarge their customer base, and evaluate the achievements of the competition. The organization of the various business programs and pres conferences within the fair provides the opportunity to get the information about the general trends of the market and make forecasts regarding the future dynamics of the future consumption and manufacturing of the sports products. Another important factor is the presence, at such events, of the representatives of the federal structures who can provide the information of the future of the sports industry on the whole. All of these factors put together give the manufacturer the opportunity to make adequate estimates of their own potential and plan out their marketing strategy. Besides, one must keep in mind that a press conference is an extremely effective marketing tool for boosting the image of the exhibiting company, an opportunity to position your company on the market.

- Does Moscow Ski&Board Salon need the sports/outdoor activity – the rock-climbing/ski/board contest?
- Absolutely! These various contests always liven things up and make such event more upbeat, especially if they are organized at outdoor shows. The organization of such sports events not only helps to draw greater crowds and media people but also showcase your products and technological solutions more effectively, and, most importantly, in action, so to speak. Apart from that, one should remember that the organization of various contests is conductive of popularization of sports events and active lifestyle among the young people.


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