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03 Апр Новости индустрии

Dear exhibitors, partners, and friends of Moscow Ski&Board Salon, Ski Build Expo, and Salon Expo E-Magazine subscribers! With happiness we report to you that on April 23 to 25 we will again take part in "Mountain Planet" trade show (Grenoble, France).  “We” in this case means "representatives of Ski Build Expo team Anton Mizonov and Polina Kazarceva". What this means from the prectical standpoint: we will have a stand of our own, to which we invite everybody so as to:

1. Share with you more about Ski Build Expo (yes, we have already sent you a lot of our newsletters but you never know; besides, meeting a flesh-and-blood person always beats the email communication, you cannot download the "handshaking" experience).

2. You could use our small, but cozy, stand just to sit down once in a while in the heat of the "expo battle".

3. Just come and visit us to chat offtop on subjects not really connected with the industry issues!

How do you find us? Here is the location plan! Yes, the number of our stand is 13-13 (we bet you will remember such a "double lucky" number at once, won't you?) Lane №13, Stand №13.
 SKI BUILD EXPO Booth is 1313 (Path №13, what luck!)

1. Main reference point: DOPPELMAYR CWA Stand. Find it, and, to make sure, go around it in a circle!

2. Go down the alleyway between ALLIANZ and GONTIER MONTAGNE ACTIVITY, leer to the left)))

3. Here it is, our small but undauntable stand!

Come to visit us! Either Anton or Polina (or still somebody else from the Russian group, for that matter) will be there at the stand! If you want to appoint a meeting - it's as simple as it gets! Mail Anton Mizonov at mizzie@list.ru and do appoint one!