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05 Июн Новости индустрии

 May 27 to 30, 2012, in the republic of Ingushetia, at Armkhi ski resort, there took place the first ever forum "Ski Build Expo - Caucasus", for the first time around organized on location, i.e. directly in the mountains.


Organized by "Acropolis" group of companies and Moscow Ski&Board Salon in Gostiny Dvor , the forum for mountain construction was attended by the leading domestic and foreign engineering and construction companies engaged in the construction and operation of ski resorts, including (full catalogue of the exhibitors is available here (Russian): 

- WALLTOPIA.RU (design, engineering, and construction of rock-climbing walls, rope parks, and amusement parks)

- GORIMPEX (integrated solutions for mountain area improvement)

- DATAKRAT (automation of ski resorts on the basis of "SkiBars2" admission system)

- OOO "DSS" (design and consulting, supplying and installation of safety systems for slopes of any level of complexity)

- TREK (hi-tech systems for storage and drying of skiing equipment at rental points)

- RATRAK SERVIS (selling and servicing of snow groomers)

- ROSENGINEERING (design, construction, and service of ski resorts on the entire territory of Russia)

- SKADO (design and construction of mountain and ski resorts) 

- SKADO-TECHNO (leader in the field of supplying snow grooming machinery, including PistenBully groomers)

- SNOW CITY ( equipment for children's fun parks and skiing parks)

- TECHNOALPIN (manufacturer of snowmaking systems)

- CHECHENHOLOD (machinery and construction of ski resorts)

At the opening ceremony of "Ski Build Expo - Caucasus", the exhibitors and the visitors were personally addressed by the leader of the republic of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov who noted that this even is expected to be organized on an annual basis. Specifically, Mr. Evkurov said: "We are planning on making this event annual. It is in the interest of our republic creating, at this venue, an Interregional educational center for providing instruction in the tourist industry. Mountain skiing gives plenty of positive emotion and generally isa great kind of active rest. Now our people will not have to go all the way up to Courchevel to get it. Every Russian will be able to make use of this great opportunity without having to leave his or her country - Dzheirakh provides speed, fresh air, and magnificent views".

The forum also included a panel discussion on the issues of the development of North Caucasus ski resorts. At the discussion, apart from the representatives of the exhibiting companies, there were presentations by the member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Akhmet Palankoev and the managing director of JSC "North Caucasus Ski Resorts" Igor Kubyshkin, as well as a number of representatives of the Caucasus republics. 

Akhmet Palankoev shared about the prospects of building ski resorts in Ingushetia: "Acropolis" group is today's only investor and contractor for the ski resort construction in Armkhi that has already built a rope way and a ski slope - Akhmet Palankoev explains - The cooperation agreement between the republic of Ingushetia, "Acropolis" group, and "North Caucasus Ski Resorts" has already been signed. 

The main resort will be the resort of Tsori in Ingushetia, 40 kilometers away from Armkhi. It is planned that some sixteen slopes will be made there, with a total length of some 51 kilometers. The longest slope will be about eight kilometers long. The height of the top point is 2900 meters above the sea level, the bottom point - 1150 meters. 14 ropeways will be built, as well as hotels, Intersport points, fun parks, i.e. all the necessary infrastructure. 

It is planned that in Armkhi there will be built four more slopes with a total length of about 11 kilometers (the top point also being some three kilometers above the sea level). 

We expect that in the nearest future this program will start getting implemented. 

We hope that the forum "Ski Build Expo - Caucasus" will become an annual all-season event because it definitely makes sense to demonstrate the machinery and equipment in operation. Armkhi is ready to become the venue for the educational center, a service center, and a trading center - we are open to cooperation, we are ready to consider new proposals. 

The representative of North Caucasus Ski Resorts Igor Kubyshkin continued with Akhmet Palankoev's train of thought: "The Caucasus is a beautiful country. Realizing that skiing is becoming a mass sport in Russia, it makes sense to suppose that a lot of skiers and non-skiing tourists will turn to the Caucasus for world-class mountain resorts that will let them get the benefits of skiing and communicating with the mountains and the nature without having to ever leave their country. 

The republics themselves and the regional business take an active part in this work, and, as we see, the creation of Armkhi resort should be entirely credited to the republic of Ingushetia and "Acropolis" group. 

What is really interesting for me and what I really like about today's conference in Armkhi is the fact that it gathered the real industry professionals. They gathered near those technologies and solutions that have been tested on a number of projects - both in Russia and abroad. And I think that this first step is very positive and it will let us organize really large-scale conferences in the nearest future.