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19th Moscow Ski&Board Salon                Ski Build Expo – mountain engineering
November 2-4, 2012                                   November 1-4 2012
Venue: Gostiny Dvor
Floor plan: more


Below is the current list of exhibitors of  19 Ski&Board Salon and SKI BUILD EXPO - 2012!  as of 04.06.2012    more

Event Villages-2012

· In 2012, the project concept of Moscow Ski&Board Salon will undergo a few changes

· Following up on the creation of Ski Build Expo area, the overall exposition is going to feature six “activity zones”:

Outdoor village

Cross-country zone

Water sports zone

Snowboard and downhill skis zone

Press zone

Children’s area

· All these zones are going to get a dedicated promo campaign of their own.

· The so-called “villages” are meant to boost the turnout of the trade and industry specialists
and provide for them better quality services in terms of positioning themselves in the professional environment

· The clients and buyers will also draw their benefit from such areas where brands of one certain branch are grouped: the search for the right booth will become much quicker and easier


Outdoor Village

· The Outdoor Village is meant to unite the suppliers
and manufacturers of equipment and sportswear
for outdoor sports (mountaineering, trekking, active leisure)

· Including the companies – members of Russian Outdoor Group (ROG)

· Positioning: in the vicinity of the rock-climbing wall where Russia’s Rock-Climbing Cup will take place.

Cross-country village

· The project named “Nordic Ski Sprint on the artificial coating” in 2011, organized at Moscow Ski&Board Salon, featured a cross-country skis contest (over 100 people took part)

· In 2012, yet another contest (ski sprint) is going to be organized (indoor biathlon contest is also considered as an option)

Water Activity

· For the first time around, in 2012, Moscow Ski&Board Salon is going to feature a wakeboard construction (two pools and a figure for wakeboard stunts)

· Such an event (indoor wakeboard) will take part for the first time around in Russia

· The “water area” next to the pools is meant to unite the manufacturers of wake, surf, and kite equipment


· The ski/snowboard zone will be represented by the traditional mountain of Moscow Ski&Board Salon upon which a jibbing contest will be organized (on the man-made structure) with the new-school skis and snowboard
with real snow on the mountain

· An event like this has not taken place at Moscow Ski&Board Salon since 2008.

Press Zone

· In 2012, for the first time
in the history of Moscow Ski&Board Salon, all the magazines and other publications covering the outdoor activity and other active sports will be grouped into one press area with one common space. Including:

Men’s Health   Ski Style   Russian Winter   Verticalny Mir (“Vertical World”)  Risk  Lyzhniy Mir (“Ski World”)

Industry Internet sites Russian Mountaineering Federation

· The work of the press area will include thematic meetings, press conferences, photo exhibitions, and showing the video content.

Children’s Area

In view of the growth of the popularity of the products and services of the extreme sports market, meant for the very little visitors of Moscow Ski&Board Salon, the Children’s Area will be built, including a rope funpark, a children’s rock-climbing wall, and other points of interest meant specifically for the children


Audience: representatives of wholesale companies, sports retail stores, travel agencies,  children aged from 4 to 12 and their parents.


We are inviting for supporting the project the representatives of ski resorts that specialize in programs, as well as the manufacturers of skiwear, outfits, and accessories for children.








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Anastasiya Parafilo (project coordinator)