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11 Апр Новости индустрии

Dear exhibitors, partners, and friends of Moscow Ski&Board Salon, Ski Build Expo, and Salon Expo E-Magazine subscribers! We preliminarily inform you, that there is high probability that project manager “Ski Build Expo” Anton Mizonov will appear within the framework the business program the exhibition “Mountain Planet” (France, Grenoble, on April 23 to 25) with the report-presentation “Mountains of Russia: what do we know about ourselves?”

It is a great possibility of meet Anton Mizonov and find out more about Russia's Ski Build Expo (yes, we suppose you already know everything about Ski Build Expo from "Salon Expo" newsletter but meeting with the living person always better than the contact through the computer monitor).

You want to know precise time and place?

Write to lamm@skiexpo.ru - and we will inform you of the time and place of Anton Mizonov's presentation as soon as we have the information from our French perters (receiving side).

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