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Dear friends! With are happy to inform you that we are continuing our partnership and cooperation with the French exhibition of mountain construction technologies, formerly known as "SAM", and, from 2014 on - as "Mountain Planet". The trade show will take place in Grenoble; projects “Moscow Ski&Board Salon - Ski Build Expo - Salon Expo” will be represented with a stand within the framework of the partner program of our trade shows. As soon as we know the exact number of our booth and its location, we will dedicate a new blog post to it, and for now we are bringing to your attention the newsletter/press release of the renovated "Mountain Planet" (ex-SAM) - it is full of youth, philosophy of success, and love for snow 

Anton Mizonov lamm@skiexpo.ru

Excitement is building in the mountains! Of course, it is excitement for the fast-approaching Sochi Winter Olympics (7-23 February) - and ALSO for the 2014 Mountain Planet-SAM, the international mountain-industry conference which always delivers ground-breaking technologies, unparalleled creativity, and pure exhilaration.
Alpexpo has been preparing this global event for several months, which is considered THE event for those in the mountain industry looking for innovation and development.
And this year, Alpexpo is focused more than ever on international connections. Since the last SAM, Alpexpo has been expanding its client base, its conference hosting capacities, and its very presence in the international community. 
So mark your calendars for 23 to 25 April 2014, when Mountain Planet - SAM will celebrate its 40th birthday by inviting the eagerly anticipating international community to this spectacular conference in Grenoble! We'll host the world….on a mountain. 

An unbeatable international team
Alpexpo has put together an international team, representing cultures and countries from all over the globe, in order to meet the needs and expectations of exhibitors and attendees. 
This multilingual team consists of Catherine Calmels, Laurette Bonzy – who is assisted by Iris Mazure, Yufei Pan and Coralie Atten (Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and English). These professionals will work round the clock to achieve their mission: ensuring that the trade show has the international exposure, authority, and economic impact that its participants expect and deserve. 
On a daily basis this team will welcome throngs of visitors and foreign representatives to this vital conference - one of the biggest global mountain development events in the industry - taking place in the heart of the Alps. 
The mere mention of snow, mountains or urban terrain incites passion in our hearts: a passion to make these places accessible, reachable. This passion is even more important than the technology, as we work to create incredible and innovative cable transportation in countries around the globe, from China and Russia to Chile and South Korea. This passion was born in the mountains and the snow of the Alps - and it now helps people to enjoy beautiful environments all across the planet. At the Mountain Planet - SAM trade fair, we will have opportunities to connect with others in our industry, and also to enjoy and learn from the expected 750+ international exhibitors from a multitude of trades and professions, sharing technologies and innovations – and a passion for their work. 

An impressive presence in trade fairs
Catherine Calmels, the ambassador for Mountain Planet, and her partners have been hard at work, promoting the trade fair in all the top mountain events in France and abroad. Mountain Planet has been represented at all of the big trade shows: Interalpin in Innsbruck, Austria and more recently Cluster Montagne/Ubifrance in South Korea. In South Korea, Calmels and her team were able to meet all of the major media agents, conduct a series of interviews, and spread the word about the trade fair through the country's daily press and financial journals. Mountain Planet was also on display at the heart of the ISSW conference in Grenoble (with around 30 nations), at Expo Andes (Santiago de Chile), Ski Build (Moscow), and is scheduled to go to Alpitec in China, Bolzano in Italy - and more!
Mountain Planet chose to take part in more institutional meetings such as FIANET in Prague (with the support of Domaines Skiables de France), the annual conference of the Association Nationale des Elus de Montagne in Caterets, the Domaines Skiables de France conference and the AFMONT General Assembly in Strasbourg.
Our work is praised in a film made during the last SAM, in multilingual flyers, and in publicity in international media. We are proud to be a global player. 
Tell your clients and partners about your presence at Mountain Planet 2014
Focus on South Korea
"We have made very good progress in our activities abroad", explains Catherine Calmels. "Mountain Planet's productive and efficient work with Cluster Montagne is based on strong partnership.
This work took me to Seoul in South Korea from 23 to 25 September, where I was pleased to be able to conduct a series of interviews and PR meetings with four of Seoul's key agencies. These agencies have proposed a programme that would give Mountain Planet maximum exposure in all the South Korean media. This time in Seoul was busy, and full of fruitful discussions and hard work; the result is South Korea's enthusiastic participation in Mountain Planet 2014. Our connection with the Land of the Morning Calm is again highlighted, as South Korea was chosen to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. We are pleased to be keeping daily contact with our professional partners in South Korea. 
We will soon be entering into a new phase with Latin America, as well. Mountain Planet will continue its adventure with Chile, with the Expo Andes and Ski Build Expo trade shows." 

Latest news from Mountain Planet
We won't give away all their secrets – but we'll let you know that, with 5 months yet to go, Alpexpo is busily at work setting up an extraordinary business centre right at the heart of Mountain Planet, to welcome the world's representatives in the mountain industries.
France is proud to be able to demonstrate its graciousness and skill as host to the international representatives, by providing catering and culinary delights tailored to every taste. 

The marketing is in full swing
The national and international exhibiting firms work hand-in-hand to show their innovations and products at the trade fair, and we are always very proud of them. In fact, the key to the success of this trade fair is the way in which firms work together. 
At this date, enrolment forms have been distributed - and we are pleased to say that the response rate is already quite good.
Please remember that Mountain Planet has its own website: 
We are happy to receive any information regarding your innovations, new products, and the history of your firm.
Download the application pack and complete registration file. 

In conclusion
Actions speak louder than words – and actions are what count at Alpexpo. Join us for the action next 23 April, when Mountain Planet welcomes the companies and professionals who add vibrancy and life to the mountains of the world.
Mountain Planet - SAM,
From 23 to 25 April at ALPEXPO, Grenoble convention centre
Your Mountain Planets contacts
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Iris MAZURE - iris.mazure@alpexpo.com - +33(0)4 76 39 64 48 
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