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22 Июл Новости индустрии

 Having worked for eight years as the stand construction coordinator in three different exhibition companies, I came to the unquestionable and saddening conclusion: standard stands have a really bad reputation. The very term "standard stand" makes one think of faceless white "crates", white as "hospital walls". Worse, a colleague of mine once called standard stands "stools". Besides, in one respectable publication I read something like "serious companies that have grown out of the short pants of the standard stand construction". Fair enough, I will not dispute the obvious: an exclusive stand looks more impressive and generally "brighter" but I will still try and say a few words in favor of the "standard" solutions.

For starters, I will describe my perception of the expo space the way it was eight years ago when I was only making my first steps in the expo business. Back then, I knew but two types of exhibition stands - the "white ones" and "all the others"! Later on, upon getting the grip of things, I found, much to my surprise, that the better half of the stands that I originally took for "exclusive" are nothing else but the standard ones with the bonding foils! I am pretty sure that my case is not unique and lots of exhibition visitors (and even exhibitors) divide the stands into "white" and "colored".

Now let us turn to the economic side of the question! Today, an average cost of "exclusive" construction is 150 Euros+ per one square meter, while depending on how complex the stand construction is, the cost of the materials, the square footage, and the name of the brand, this value can even exceed 300 Euros. Thus, if you rent 20 square meters of exhibition grounds, your stand will cost you 3000 Euros - if you are lucky! In real life, the contractor will add to the grand total the cost of accreditation at the venue, the transport expenses, the urgency extra charge - anything you could possibly think of! So, to cut a long story short, my empirical experience tells me that the average price of the exclusive stand is something in the neighborhood of 10000 Euros! Yes, beauty requires sacrifice - but not HUMAN sacrifice!

Speaking in the official terms, the solution offered by Moscow Ski&Board Salon is called "Standard stands with elements of individual construction". The stand can be designed in any color palette. In planning, the typical layouts are used but with elements of graphic additions - banners and bonding foils. Under the appropriate strengthening of the walls, we can also hang the plasma panels and LCD screens on them, as well as decorate the stand with light boxes and/or banner structures.

At the same time, the cost of such stand rarely exceeds 1500-2000 Euros. Below are some of such stands that we built at Moscow Ski&Board Salon over different years. After we fully coordinate the design of the stand and the bonding foils with the exhibitor (yes, we print the bonding foils ourselves too), all the exhibitor has to do is come to the turnkey stand.


SKADO. No signboard panel. Pasting of all the visible surfaces with AVERY bonding foils. The facade of the meeting room is made up of panels that together yield a single image. Each of the panels is backlit by a rod light.


Pac Group and Russian Express. Pasting of adjoining panels with AVERY bonding foils.


Alpindustria. Pasting of all the visible surfaces with AVERY bonding foils plus a banner construction on top of the stand.


SNEJ.COM skiing center. Pasting of all the visible surfaces with AVERY bonding foils. The facade of the meeting room is made up of panels that together yield a single image. Each of the panels is backlit by a rod light.

If you are exhibiting at Moscow Ski&Board Salon and you want your stand to look impressive and recognizable, write to Anton Mizonov: lamm@skiexpo.ru or mizzie@list.ru - and we will take you step by step through the entire process of designing your stand giving you all the necessary advice and consultations! Your stand will "stand out" (yes, pun intended) against the others - without you having to pay the price of a spaceship for that!

Interested? Just email here: lamm@skiexpo.ru