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 On the 20th of March, 2012, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation hosted a workshop called “Summer in the Mountains” that was organized with the support of Office du Tourisme Chamonix Mont Blanc (France) and Valle d’Aousta Ministry of Tourism (Italy):

Presentation of Chamonix Mont Blanc  Presentation of Valle dAosta

Over 220 people turned up for the event - mountain lover as well as the professionals of the mountain industry. The mountains are loved, according to the visitors’ geography, in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Tula, Kaluga, Kiev, and Ivanovo.

The mountains are beautiful in summer just like they are in winter. And, while a skiing vacation is something that most people nowadays are taking for granted – it is long planned and anticipated – summer vacation in the mountain is still terra incognita for most people.

And so, the workshop “Summer in the Mountains” is meant to break this stereotype; it was organized for the third time around with the support of Office du Tourisme Chamonix Mont Blanc (France) and Valle d’Aosta Ministry of Tourism (Italy).

The presentations of Chamonix Mont Blanc and Valle d’Aosta regions were delivered by Agnes Ducroz (France) and Anna Saudin (Italy). They shared about the vacation opportunities that are there for every lover of active leisure in the summer mountains: these are trekking and biking hikes, leisure by the purest mountain lakes, rock-climbing and mountaineering, and, of course, the finest wine and the local cuisine that leaves nobody unimpressed.

PHOTOgallery of the event

The mountain travel programs were presented by:

  • Alexander Abramov, president of the “7 peaks” project
  • Alexey Ovchinnikov, executive director of Russian Mountaineering Federation PRESENTATION
  • representative of “Ascent Travel” Company – Irina Korabelnikova (Valle d’Aosta)
  • Ksenia Golovkina, executive director of Ski.ru Portal
  • Vladimir Stolyarov, the mountain guide of the “Neizvedanny Mir” (“Undisclosed World”) PRESENTATION
  • Pavel Milanov, “Ertzog” Travel Agency (the presentation available on request parafilo@mail.ru)
  • Sergey Romanov “AlpIndustria” Adventure Team, “Active Leisure in the Alps in Summer” PRESENTATION
  • Anna Ovcharova (Risk.ru and Risk Onsight Magazine)
  • Anna Rezhabek, “Pac Group” tourist company PRESENTATION

Organized by:

Ministry of Tourism of Valle d’Aosta http://www.valle-aosta.ru

Office du Tourisme Chamonix Mont Blanc http://www.chamonix-montblanc.ru

Moscow Ski&Board Salon www.skiexpo.ru

General media partner: SKI.RU

The project was supported by: Salon_Expo E_Journal, “7 peaks” Russian mountaineering club, “AlpIndustria” adventure team, Russian Mountaineering Federation, “Neizvedanny Mir” agency, travelling agencies “Ertzog”, “Ascent Travel”, “Jet Travel”, “Pac Group”.

material by Natasha Poletaeva