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27 Авг Новости индустрии

Dear friends!

We would like to introduce our new website – the new look of the company linguaXtrem!

On our website you can get information about our company, our services, contacts and prices. You can always be aware of our interesting projects. We have tried to make it comfortable, interesting and beautiful, so you can easily find all information you need!




Our company is located in Austria, Tyrol, and our clients are located in completely different parts of the world, so we have made every effort to be closer to you:


·         Now we have a beautiful website www.linguaxtrem.at

·         We are on Facebook linguaXtrem Maria Danilova https://www.facebook.com/linguaXtrem

·        And we have an account on Twitter @linguaXtrem    https://twitter.com/linguaXtrem

A little bit about how it was:

The idea of a new website and a new style appeared not so long ago and gradually grew. First, the company linguaXtrem joined Ekaterina Malysheva, professional translator and coordinator of various international projects. So we wanted to update the information about employees of the firm and to introduce a new person of our team to our clients.


Another reason to create a new website: before receiving an order for translation of any websites, we talk to customers about what they achieve with their homepage and what is its importance, especially the importance of multilingual website. The website is the face of the company and its business card for partners and clients of all over the world.


That is why we wanted to create our new stylish website linguaXtrem!


At the same time, we thought about the corporate style of the company. Our corporate style was born from our logo, but we wanted to make it more interesting and more meaningful. We asked ourselves: In fact, what we are doing? We "talk" or "write" foreign languages. That means that our products are the words, the right words! The idea of the words that are descending from the mountains was born.



We are very thankful to Maxim Danilov for the whole technical execution and website creation! And we are very thankful to Victor Malyshev for creating and embodiment of our corporate identity!


We are looking  forward to see you on our website, we are looking forward to your letters, calls, and of course, we are always happy to see you in Tyrol! We speak German, Russian and English. The website is in German and Russian.

And see you at Ski Build Expo in Moscow!



Best regards

linguaXtrem Maria Danilova



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