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AUSTRIAN Ski & Snowboard School SPORT AKTIV



Date:  The 25th of October, 12:45-13:45, 21st Ski Expo in Moscow, Russia




Introduction of the Austrian Olympia Region Seefeld.

Winter programs of the Ski & Snowboard school Sport Aktiv.




The owner of the Ski & Snowboard School Thomas Knuchel.

Thomas holds the highest Austrian Ski Instructor and Mountain Guide qualifications, founder and director of the ski school since 2004.

The representative on the Russian market Natalie Kudienko.

Natalie is candidate master of sport in cross-country skiing, was part of the Russian ski-mountaineering team and Level 2 Alpine Ski Instructor.


We're welcome:


-        Tour agencies and tour operators

-        Managers and owners of the tour and travel companies

-        Ski clubs and ski schools



contact: kudienko@gmail.com, office@skisportaktiv.at

web: http://www.skisportaktiv.at