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Workshop and business meetings
“Active Summer – 2017”

Organizers: Organizing committee of Moscow Ski&Board Salon / SBE / Salon Expo Newsletter

WHEN: 16 March 2017

WHERE: KANT Skiing Center (“Nagornaya” Metro Station). MOSCOW/ Russia

Goal of the project:
• Promoting summer programs in the mountain regions and making new business contacts in the industry community. Popularization of active recreation and outdoor activities as a lifestyle. Attraction of the right client audience.
• By joining our project, your company will get the opportunity to share with its partners and potential customers about the unique possibilities of summer vacations in your region.


• To create conditions for effective business interaction between the regional tourist structures and travel agents of Moscow and Moscow Region.
• To conduct an integrated advertising and PR campaign during the preparation period. Organizing direct communication between the market players at the workshop.

Topics for future discussions within the workshop

Trend – growing interest

Summer vacation in the mountains just begins to gain speed among the Russian audience. The trend is beginning to form relatively recently, and there are several explanations:

} a new generation of tourists was formed (the current 30-year-olds)
} beach vacation in general becomes bored, especially when young children are grown and tourism from strictly "give to a child some sea air" becomes cognitive
} young and middle-aged people, who were accustomed to spending time in the mountains, choose the mountains in the summer also, because they are familiar with the infrastructure and service quality
} a new audience was formed, which are already accustomed to staying in Europe, and one of the components of the European mentality is a holiday in the mountainsthe European mentality is closer to Russian market, than Asian or Arabic, that promotes psychological comfort on holiday

Over the past few years a stream of tourists, opting for summer mountains vacation, has become literally explosive. Absolute numbers are not yet so great, but in percentage it ranges from 200 to 400 percent per year.

Tourists audience segmentation

1. Experienced travelers + sportsmen (~20 percents of audience)

} travels to the mountains for many years
} active winter and summer holidays practicing
} buy vouchers, tickets, books hotels via the Internet, often travels by car
} plans their trips in advance
} find out information from the Internet.

Audience operational concept:

} resorts and region web-sites - Russian version development (translation to Russian language)
} blogosphere management
} information publication for relevant sources, popular with experienced travelers and tourists (not mass tourism).

2. Up-market tourism, high-profile tourism (~10 percents)

} often spends time in Europe
} combines cultural tourism with shopping, gastronomic tourism, festivals
} plans a trip, depending on the season and news hook
} not low on money, makes several trips a year.

Audience operational concept:

} interesting events and festivals information dissemination
} emphasizing outstanding and unique features of the resort
} top range and VIP-possibilities, spa-programs mentioning.