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Date:  June, 16th – 17th, 2017  

•       Popularization of paraclimbing as a rehabilitation method.  Creation of an active leisure and sports programs for people with different physical disabilities;  
•       Presentation of paraclimbing to disabled people, trainers, methodologist and  supplementary education teachers and others as a method of rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities; 
•       Presentation of information for introduction of paraclimbing into physical culture for people with disabilities;
•       Improvement of sports and technical level of sportsmen with disabilities and obtainment of preliminary skills and recommendations required to start the exercise;
•       Presentation of the rehabilitation methodology for disabled people with various nosological diagnosis by means of paraclimbing, canis therapy, and family tourism;
•       Presentation of sports equipment used in climbing;
•       Everyone interested including whole families will shoot for a new sport type.
The Project is aimed at:  
•       Creation of understandable conditions for effective interaction between creators of rehabilitation methodologies and commercial structures of Russia. 
•       Conduction of a complex PR-campaign during the preparation period to the event. 
  WHY we invite you to support the Project: 
•       Joining the Project, you will help people with various physical disabilities to make the first step outdoors, outside of loneliness, out of endless circle of problems.
WE INVITE the Project partners to join the pool:
•       Representatives of all interested institutions,
•       Representatives of companies producing rehabilitation technique

•     health resorts, hotels and sanatoriums providing active summer rest programs
•     sports shops and sports brands representatives.

•       Event visitors and guests: not less than 1 500 people (participating sportsmen, families)
•       PR-campaign audience in 1. Internet – not less than 100 000  2. TV – 360 Moscow Region and others.


1. Goals and objectives
-       Healthy Lifestyle promotion,
-       engagement of disabled people into physical culture and sports activities,
-       establishment of sports communications among the Moscow corporate teams and others – popularization of climbing as a sport type.
2.      Festival management
General Sports Festival management is performed by the FESTIVAL Organizational Committee.
The Festival conduction is assigned to the Head of the Organizational Committee Anastasia L.Parafilo.
3.      Time and location
The FESTIVAL is held on June, 16th and 17th,  2017,  at the Climbing Training Facility of the Junior Tourists Station of the State Budget Educational Institution of Supplementary Education  «Moscow Children and Youth Centre for Ecology, Regional Ethnography and Tourism» of Moscow.
The FESTIVAL events start at 11:00.
4.      Participants
Everybody interested is allowed to participate in the FESTIVAL after the medical checkup. Underage participants are invited only with accompany of parents or guardians and with their consent. Teams are allowed to upon the same conditions as individual participants.
5.      Festival program, identification of winners
The FESTIVAL program includes master-classes, trial rises, competitions.
The FESTIVAL winners are defined within the nosological groups and upon the decision of the Organizational Committee depending on the difficulty of the climbing route conquered. 
6.      Awarding
The participants will be awarded with mugs, diplomas and memorable gifts. Teams participating in the FESTIVAL will be awarded with the participation diplomas and team participants will receive memorable gifts.
7.      Financial expenses
Expenses for conduction of the Festival will be undertaken by the Organizational Committee.
 The FESTIVAL participants bear all expenses connected with their own participation in the FESTIVAL by themselves.
8.      Application procedure
Preliminary application for participation should be sent before June, 15th, 2017 to the International Polar Expedition and Sports Centre “Metelitsa” to the mailing address: 119602, 42 Build. 2 Akademika Anokhina Street, Moscow, Russia or to the e-mail info@metelitsa-team.ru Registration will also be conducted by the Organizational Committee directly during the FESTIVAL on June, 16th and 17th, 2017, from 11:00 till 13:00.

International public organization “International Polar Expedition and Sports Centre  “Metelitsa”
Metelitsa today is a young team not only continuing the work on all traditional dimensions (please see the structure of our organization below), but having started a number of new, though at the same time absolutely logic, projects. For example, seeming strange from the first sight projects, such as PARACLIMBING, "FIRST STEP", and «FIRST STEP AT OLENIY" are in  fact continuing the Metelitsa Sport and Scientific Work. 
All our current operations are based on  the psychological, physical and medical and sports    training programs developed during the Metelitsa high-latitude expeditions
Donation to the Centre
All our work is free for the children and their parents, so we need your reasonable assistance:
1.      Yandex  Wallet  410011746886975 
2.      Bank card of the Leader - 5106 2140 0063 2959 – receiver Svetlana Samara
3.      Bank Account 40703810238000004544 –  To PAO Sberbank
Correspondence Account 3010181040000000000225 To the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Main Branch for the Central Federal District
RCBIC  044525225
Receiver: МПЭСЦМ

Head of Organizational Committee
Anastasia Parafilo