Ski Build Expo 2020 / 16-17.09.2020 / Moscow

As a fully-fledged expo project, Ski Build Expo was first organized in 2005 within the framework of Moscow Ski&Board Salon trade fair, when it highlighted the construction and operation sector out of the wider field of skiing sports industry, thus forming a dedicated venue for effective business communication. The Ski Build Expo forum is Russia’s unique project dedicated to mountain engineering technologies. This event, held for the ninth time around, introduced a new format of interrelation and intercommunication between the market players of the industry of Alpine engineering, as well as ski resort design, construction, and management.

Ski Build Expo unites the companies that specialize in the equipment and services in the following directions:

  • Design. Architectural proposals and concepts
  • Ropeways
  • Snowmaking systems
  • Skiing safety
  • Avalanche prevention
  • Grooming of ski slopes Construction of snowparks
  • Admission systems
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Fast food and restaurants
  • Service and rental of ski resorts
  • Slopes for children, artificial coating
  • Administrative bodies
  • Educational centers. Personnel training.

Moscow Ski&Board Salon trade fair also features the project named “Mountains of Russia and the CIS countries” – a collective stand meant to unite and showcase the representatives of Russia’s mountain regions to form the unified information field. The partners of the project are Russian Union of Tourist Industry and RATA News newspaper.

The organizers of Ski Build Expo have also created the media project “SalonExpo E_Journal”, a newsletter that covers the all-season mountain resorts, news of tourist market, and sports industry.

All these are the effective tools for promoting your company on the market, forming the unified construct of the development of ski resort infrastructure in cooperation with local authorities, the opportunities to develop your business in the communication and technical spheres, as well as the exchange of experience.

Facts and figures:

• SkiBuildExpo is a specialized forum on ski resorts, legislation and investments in the sphere of ski resorts construction.
• The forums attracted 45 leading manufacturers 650 representatives of investment companies and technical specialists of ski centers & complex.
• For every forum the Organizers chose a new subject: from technical to legislative.
The subject for the fifth forum is creation of specialized action before a high years building, operational season.

WHY “SKI BUILD EXPO” AND “Moscow Ski & Board Salon”?

Originally, “Ski Build Expo” was organized as a forum and a workshop dealing with the most up-to-date and topical matters of ski resort engineering, construction, and operation in Russia, the infrastructural development on the whole, and ski and all-year resort management issues. The event venue was the conference hall of Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation.